“… an ingenious kaleidoscope of subtle insights into the human predicaments of lust and longing, power, wealth and poverty.
I was moved, for this play, Semi-Monde, is an elegy for the lost souls of a brief age long ago.”
Brian Sewell, London Standard


Dom Wilson – Young Man
Lucy Russell – Young Girl
Sophie Ward – Tanis Marshall
Nichola McAuliffe – Dorothy Price
Georgina Hale – Suzanne Fellini
David Foxxe – Mike Craven
Camilla Power – Beryl Fletcher
Ellen Sheean – Mrs. Fletcher-Hancox
Ian Price – Beverley Ford
Benedick Bates – Cyril Hardacre
Derwent Watson – Albert Hennick
Simon Dutton – Owen Marshall
Frances Tomelty – Inez Zulieta
Freya Dominic – Cynthia Gable
Imogen Claire – Marion Fawcett
John Carlisle – Jerome Kennedy
Beth Cordingly – Norma Kennedy
Farley Granger – Julius Levenovitch
Andrea Hart – Elise Trent
Brendan Hooper – Harry Leftwich
Tristram Wymark – George Hudd
Carsten Hayes – Freddy Palmer
Paul Albertson – Luke Fellows
Patti Clare – Phyllis Hancox
Peter Hampson – Edgar Darrell
Niall Faber – Gaston
Andrew Joseph – Pierre
Stephen Scott – Marcel

Director – Philip Prowse

Writer – Noël Coward

Lyric Theatre