Two Men Went to War is a 2002 British film based on a true World War II story, from Raymond Foxall’s book Amateur Commandos which describes the adventures of two army dental corps soldiers who sneak off on their own personal invasion of France. The film was directed by John Henderson.


Derek Jacobi – Maj. Merton 
Kenneth Cranham – Sgt. Peter King
Leo Bill – Pvt. Leslie Cuthbertson
Rosanna Lavelle – Emma Fraser
Phyllida Law – Faith
James Fleet – Maj. Bates
Julian Glover – Col. Hatchard
Anthony Valentine – SM Dudley
David Ryall – Winston Churchill Derek Jacobi – Maj. Merton
Richard Sutton – Pvt. Horrocks
Anthony O’Donnell – Chief armourer
Paul Bayfield – Mike (soldier #1)
Jason Round – Soldier #3
Tim ‘Nobby’ Clarke – Young sergeant
Nick Miles – Sgt. Mowat
Brian Bosley – Drill sergeant
Dickon Tolson – Steward
Nick Hussey – Sentry
Nathan Stevenson – Sentry
Tim McMullan – MP on train
Barbara Massey – Trolley lady
Mossie Smith – Mrs. Fraser
Ian Lindsay – Postman
Sara Markland – Daphne
Beth Cordingly – Rose
Erich Redman – German signals officer
Sandra Reinton – French woman
Christopher Gudgeon – German signalman (as Chris Gudgeon)
Stephan Grothgar – German on train with driver
Jason Stammers – Stone throwing German
Richard Everett – German officer with dog
Alan Thruston – Military policeman
Christopher Villiers – Dr. Oliver Holmes
David Curtiz – Interrogator
Charles Oakden – Naval intelligence officer