Beth played Mary in ‘The Memory of Water’ at Nottingham Playhouse and the Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford in May 2019.

Directed by Adele Thomas, the cast included Juliet Cowan, Katy Stephens, Nicholas Bailey, Stewart Wright and Jasmine Jones.


Rehearsal photographs by Marc Brenner


Production photographs by Marc Brenner



“Beth Cordingly captures exactly Mary’s mix of superciliousness and need for some form of commitment from her evasive lover “
Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Thomas has assembled a vastly experienced cast who all revel in their parts, none more so than Beth Cordingly as middle sister Mary. She is a hospital consultant with a steely exterior who initially blames lack of sleep for her irascibility and anger. She appears unfazed at her sisters’ disapproval of her affair with a married doctor, Mike, who refuses to leave his ill wife.

But as the play progresses, Cordingly expertly reveals the guilt, misery and shame that she suppressed when she had to give up her son after becoming pregnant when she was 14. She also highlights the emptiness and rejection she suffers when Mike refuses to have a child with her.”
The British Theatre Guide